Entry #2

Burger King commercials promote beastiality.

2008-08-26 23:42:03 by rikasu11

The most obvious translation is that the BK Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp represents a woman, possibly a prostitute, whom the man has taken to a hotel/motel room. The room itself symbolizes the more common place one would take a prostitute. He then proceeds to close the blinds and chain-lock the door. Much like one would if one were to hire a prostitute. Whilst eating the sandwich, the door is knocked off it's hinges, thus revealing a cow. The cow, which symbolizes the man's wife or significant other. To which the man says "It's not what it looks like!" which is a common phrase spoken when one is caught "cheating". The announcer then says "The BK Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp, so good, you'll cheat on beef." That last state is what gave it all away. Thus, my expose is finished.

PM me if you want something else thats subliminally strange that you want explored.


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2008-08-26 23:52:46

my god , how i didn't notice that ?


2008-08-27 01:39:55

Mmmmm... BK Chicken Tendercrisp... Beastiality....